About Us



Hello there! If you're looking for an innovative and effective application for your business, you've come to the right place. We enjoy helping businesses become more efficient and accomplish their goals. Drop us a line and let's discuss how we may be of service.


Who We Are

AMKTech is a small, family-owned business, based in Colorado. When not creating applications, you might find us checking out a four-wheel drive trail, racking up a few hundred miles on a motorcycle, or quoting movie lines. We're thrilled that our clients have become our friends, and appreciate the long-term relationships we've developed with them.


What We Do

We leverage over 35 years of applying technology to solve business problems. We work with companies to define processes and build an application that meets and often exceeds their expectations. Nothing makes us happier to hear than people raving about our work. We build relationships, and as part of your team, we seek to understand not just the current objectives, but the goals of the business and how to best provide a solution with that direction in mind.