Our Portfolio

Here are just a few of the businesses we've had the pleasure of working with, becoming part of their team to help them deliver their products and services to the world.


Patent Law

Huffman Law Group was looking for a solution to replace the four they were using. One of the many problems was creating a professional invoice that took about seven days each month for two billing cycles, with repeated back and forth reviews while adjusting data that was no longer reflected in the docketing system. We worked with HLG over the next couple of years to create the only all inclusive solution that manages docketing, billing, communications, and documentation, but the seven days for billing was reduced to a few hours each month!


Executive Search

Chip was looking for a better way to manage his executive placement business. Being a very personable and relationship-centric person, nothing off the shelf would work and previous attempts didn’t quite hit the mark. Working with Chip, we built a solution that works the way he does and helps him stay on top in a competitive market.


Custom Plumbing

Managing plumbing projects in various stages and with dozens of trades people to keep track of, Plumbing Unlimited was looking to improve their old database into something that provided better tracking and more real-time information regarding billing. AMK stepped in to provide a new streamlined application that was easier to use for the entire team while addressing the business needs.on to do business with you.


License Management

Keeping track of music licensing for Guitar Hero was overwhelming on multiple spreadsheets with hundreds of columns and thousands of rows. We created an easy-to-use, organized solution to keep track of all of the information.


Help Desk

Needing a way to track thousands of assets, locations, and people, Activision turned to AMKTech to build a solution that helped them manage it all.


Membership Management

With thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of campers visiting their site each month, ARVC needed a way to manage their members and for their members to manage their campsite information. We created an application that allowed all of that to happen seamlessly with regular updates to their website.